Stunning Dresses By Khaled & Marwan That Will Make You Say Wow

We are always trying to bring to you the best collections form the worldwide famous fashion designers, so here we are today with another one that will make you say wow. Below, you will be able to see the stunning dresses from the Fall/Winter 2015 Hute Couture collection by Khaled & Marwan and we bet that you will fall in love with all of these dresses.

The Khaled & Marwan Couture also known as “K&M”, was founded in 2014, but the collaboration between Marwan Madi and Khaled Al Saifi started 3 years ago. These two creative minds create an exotic and high-end clothes to suit the modern and sophisticated women of the Middle East and the Gulf in different occasions. Their dresses are meant to be worn at wedding parties, gala evenings and some other formal events where they can draw all the attention. Khaled & Marwan have devoted themselves on designing high-end clothing and wedding gowns, as well as wonderful footwear and accessories. Their brand is present in Lebanon, Dubai and Saudi Arabia and they are working on expanding it to other cities in the gulf. They aim to become leaders of a high-end diversified clothing line in the Gulf and Middle East with an ambition to spread to other parts of the world. And we can say that they can achieve this for sure.

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