AB 013


1. Embellished Pastel Pink Abaya. Color and Elegance:

  • The abaya features a soft and sophisticated pastel pink hue.
  • This gentle color choice embodies femininity, grace, and understated elegance.

2. Fabric and Flowing Silhouette:

  • Crafted from luxurious crepe fabric, the abaya drapes gracefully.
  • The flowing structure ensures both comfort and style.
  • Crepe is known for its soft texture, subtle sheen, and excellent drape.

3. Embellishments

  • The upper part of the abaya is adorned with intricate geometrical designs.
  • These embellishments add a touch of opulence and elevate the overall aesthetic, being strategically positioned, drawing attention to the wearer’s upper body.Every crystal is meticulously placed, reflecting the skill and artistry involved in creating this design.

4. Sleeves:

  • The wide sleeves create a sense of drama and movement.
  • The flowing design ensures comfort without compromising style.
  • Whether you’re attending a special occasion or seeking everyday elegance, this abaya strikes the perfect balance.
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AB 013