The designers

In the world of fashion, Khaled al Saifi and Marwan Madi’s Maison De Couture has a story that speaks to the power of believing in your dreams. Despite their vastly different backgrounds, Khaled and Marwan, shared a passion for design that brought them together to create a brand that celebrates cultural heritage and craftsmanship.

Khaled, a Telecom engineer from Jordan, had always felt a pull towards the world of fashion. He dreamt of creating stunning designs that would make women feel beautiful and confident. Marwan, a businessman from Lebanon, brought over a decade of experience in the industry and a keen eye for detail.

Together, they formed a fashion house that blends traditional Middle Eastern techniques with modern European design elements. Their creations are more than just garments, they add value to a woman’s appearance and give her a sense of presence and assurance during happy and festive occasions.

The brand’s commitment to quality and attention to detail is apparent in every piece they create. Their collections feature not just lovely fabrics and cuts, but also different cultures and sources of inspiration.
Khaled and Marwan have a strong desire to promote high-quality craftsmanship and savoir faire through their unique pieces.

Their commitment to creating socially and culturally responsible fashion is unwavering. Khaled & Marwan Maison De Couture’s purpose is to create fashion that is not just beautiful, but also meaningful, making women around the world feel confident and empowered.

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