Greek Royal Luxury with Khaled & Marwan

A Khaled & Marwan series fusing historical authenticity with a contemporary perspective, evocative of a period rich in elegance, is called luxury, royalty, love, and beauty for the autumn/winter 2018–2019 season.

The collection’s royal design, created by Khaled Al-Saifi and Marwan Madi, transcended the ordinary as it was sketched on delicate and unusual fabrics like silk, “brocade,” and “tulle,” which were then embroidered with golden and silver threads. In a bold move, the designers decided not to go with “lace” and “crystal” fabrics, demonstrating their ability to present stunning patterns and showcasing their artistic talent in mimicking the ambitions of exquisite women.

The pieces in the collection ranged from short dresses to long ones, jumpsuits, and coats worn over evening dresses, alluding to the cosiness of winter. The collection was done in a contemporary style. The flawless stitching of the sun, glittering rays, and wheat strains, which were coordinated in denoting beauty and love, and both influenced by Greek culture, binds the pieces together. The clothing was adorned with feathers and expensive stitching, and some of the belts included wheat strains made of gold.

Off-white, salmon, gold, and black, the master of all colours, are combined with a variety of teal and pastel green hues that were inherited from the Greek aesthetic beauty.

The 33-piece collection’s presentation of the royal Greek aesthetic reaches its pinnacle with an off-white bridal gown that the designers Khaled & Marwan selected to be especially opulent and royal. To give the event a royal appearance, the garment was gently embellished with hand embroidery and craftsmanship that was revealed within the folds.

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